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 High Density Crosslinked Polyethylene (HDXLPE) Tank Technical Papers 

Providing Solutions Through Innovation

The following information is provided by PolyProcessing, an industry leader in manufacturing large rotational molded high density crosslinked polyethylene chemical storage tanks.
Video Drop Test                                                                  Video Pressure Test
28K Stream                                                                             28K Stream
56K Stream                                                                            56K Stream
200K Stream                                                                           200K Stream

Cross Linked Rotomolded Polyethylene Storage Tanks Offer Superior Resistance to Rupture
Raed Al-Zubi, Ph.D. and Marshal Lampson

Test Report for Crosslinked vs. Linear Polyethylene Tanks
Brian L. Weick, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of the Pacific

 Poly Processing Company's Position on Polyethylenes:

    Position Statement - Crosslinked and Linear Polyethylene Resins

    Chemical Storage Vessels: What's New and What's Right
Marshal Lampson, Vice President Innovation and Technology

    Comparison of High Density Linear Resins to Crosslink Resins

    Judging Performance of a Polyethylene Product
A brief discussion
  by Dr. A. Brent Strong, Lorin Farr Professor of Entrepreneurial Technology
        Professor of Manufacturing Engineering Technology
        Brigham Young University  

Exxon Mobil's Position on Polyethylenes:
Exxon Mobil Presentation: Performance Choices for Rotational Molding
    Exxon Mobil Letter: Comments on the Performance of Metallocene  crosslinked (mXL) resin and high performance linear resins in
                                  rotational molding applications

Phillips Petroleum Company's Position on Polyethylenes:
    Phillips on XLPE

 The Chlorine Institute's Position on High Density Polyethylene Tanks:
    Sodium Hypochlorite Manual, Phamphlet 96, May 2000, Edition 2 - -
Materials of Construction, High Density Polyethylene Tanks

  • The Chlorine Institute has published their position on high density polyethylene tanks in their Sodium Hypochlorite Manual, Pamphlet 96, May 2000, Edition 2, Rev 1 on page 24 under Section Materials of Construction, section (c) High Density Polyethylene Tanks. The Chlorine Institute states, "Linear and cross-linked high density polyethylene tanks or tanks with these materials as liners have been used in sodium hypochlorite service. The success or failure of these types of tanks depends upon a number of factors including resin type and additives, fabrication technique, product temperature, environmental exposure, the characteristics of the solution (particularly trace metal contaminants) and the installation and piping connection methods. It is advisable to deal only with polyethylene tank manufacturers having experience with sodium hypochlorite and who are willing to warranty the vessel for the intended applications."

Poly Processing Company's High Density Crosslinked Polyethylene tanks clearly meet The Chlorine Institute's requirements:

1. Poly Processing has over 30 years of experience storing Sodium Hypochlorite in HDXLPE tanks.

2. Poly Processing offers a full 5 year warranty on our HDXLPE Sodium Hypochlorite tanks with OR-1000™ and IMFO®.

For those interested in ordering a copy of The Chlorine Institute's Sodium Hypochlorite Manual, please visit the following link on The Chlorine Institute's website.

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